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Posted on: October 18, 2009

wooow… finally i have some time to update this .. yes… my cowboy is finally here!!!
He greeted the world on the 12th Oct 2009, 12.04pm at Mt E with the help of Dr Douglas Ong and his forceps. =)

here goes the story of my delivery process, overall, i would say that its pretty smooth, read on:

11 0ct 09 – cowboy overdue by 3 days.
8am: felt slight contractions, like the menstrual cramps… did not think too much abt it, thought that it’s another after- eating-chilli effect.. 🙂

10am: the cramp like feeling seems to be occurring more frequent…

12pm: went back to mummy’s place for yummy crab rice for lunch… cowboy, ur ah gong (my daddy) went early in the morning to buy crabs for you ar.. felt another contractions after lunch. ..still its just slight pain..very much bearable.. still thot that it’s probably not the real thing yet..

3pm: After lunch, went along with hubby, mummy and bro to Parkway for a stroll, during the quick 40  class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”40 “>mins walk, beginning to feel that its getting harder to walk on a normal pace, have to really walk slowly…
discussed with parents & hubby,  will check into the hospital tonight, cowboy seems to be waking up!!

7pm: Went back to the west, had char kway tiao along the way (glad that i had that, haven had it for the  longest time..)
Decided to take a good bath before i check into the hospital as it could jolly well be my last bath before my confinement starts!! Realised that i was spotting.. that more or less confirm our decision to get admitted to hospital that night..
Slept for a while before we head to the hospital… and the journey starts …

12 oct 09
12am: Lying on the delivery bed, was a bit anxious as i still cant be sure if my cowboy is ready to be out yet despite all the signs that he has been giving me through the day..
the nurses confirmed that i am in labour! i am already 2-3 cm dilated..
Doc gave the go ahead to let it occur naturally without induction.
Pain was still bearable before the water bag breaks.. it was like menstrual cramps getting more and more frequent, i felt that my stomach was stretched, released and the pain spread through the hips area slowly, pain was gone after a while, and then within another hr or less, it came on again.. m glad my hubby was with me all this while.. not easy for him i think, watching me suffer and he cant do much but to offer his strong hands for him to hold on to.

4am: felt a gush of water running through my legs… yup.. water bag burst.. called for the nurses, and they said i am almost 4cm dilated, asked if i would like to have epi as usually after water bag burst, the contractions will get more painful and frequent.. and someone next door had asked for epi, the doc is on the way, she can arrange for the doc to come by after he is done.
What was going through my head then were the advices that my colleagues gave: “dun wait until the last min for epi, otherwise its too late… u have to suffer while waiting for the doc… ” and i said YES to the nurses for epi.

5am: Contractions were getting stronger though still bearable.. doc came in to administer epi for me, it was no easy process!! he said my spine was too straight despite my many efforts to try to curve myself with the BIG tummy into a letter C. In the end got to sit up and bend down to get it done.. i was already breaking out in cold sweat with the contractions coming on and off, while doing the curving..!

5:30 – 9:30am : Its what i call the “enjoy the numbness” process…
I slept through after the epi was given, hubby finally had a chance to sink into the plush sofa to grab some rest.
It wasnt totally numbness, as you can still move your legs and rotate ankles, just that you dun feel the contractions .. even if you do felt it, its very bearable..

9.30am: gynae came to check on me, said that i came in at the right time, all seems good to go..
checked and confirmed i am already 9cm dilated, will come by again in another hr.

10.30am: nurses confirm i am already 10cm dilated.. and got to start pushing as the baby’s is already down but still a finger away from his destination..

10.30 – 11.30am: PUSH!! PUSH HARDER!! gosh, this was a very very tiring processes… and i dunno if i am doing it correct…. hubby and nurses kept getting me to take deep breathe and then push, push push!!
after the hr, still not quite there.

11:45am: Gynae came, we tried another 3 rounds of pushing and the nurses were pressing hard on my tummy to try to push baby out as well,oh my, the nurses are sooooo strong.. i felt my tummy was flat after all the hand pushing from them.
12:04pm:Gynae then used forces to help baby to come out.. the moment that baby is being dragged out.. all pain stopped!!  then we all heard the loud greeting from cowboy, he is big… 3.67!

The little buddy was already opening his eyes and suckle his fingers after the nurses cleaned him up..

enjoy the pics…
Also, thank you all for coming by to visit cowboy and me in the hospital.. very much appreciated your well wishes and blessings =D

Hi everyone!! I am cowboy thng, Thng Zheng Yuan =D

Hi everyone!! I am cowboy thng, Thng Zheng Yuan =D

Right after birth..

Right after birth..

DSC00288DSC00289DSC00292Finally home! New bed

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wow! i think this completes the “lessons” or rather the pregnency info i have been getting from u th past 9 months!!!

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