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8.33pm, 10th october..
i am still waiting for your arrival, baby. you are currently 40w1D in me le..

then i start to worry… are you facing difficulty swimming down the birth canal or mummy’s  certain sleeping position is obstructing you from swimming to your destination or you are simply too comfy in me?

mummy then started to google online for “ways to induce labour”… and tried to do the following from this webby:”Tired of being pregnant-Waiting for labour to begin versus ways to naturally induce labour”  but doesnt seem to have any effect on you..

* Walking frequently to trigger contractions     –> i have been walking ard, up & down the house until i am breathless .. u are still soundly unmoved in me..

*Take Spicy food to stimulate contractions   –> have been eating chilli moderately… at times the stomach got heated up but you are not.. still unmoved by the spice..

*Squatting to allow you to descend smoothly and triggers contractions –> u are like a rock… simply stayed put at where you are. 

Alright, you won… Mummy gave up trying to induce you, naturally of course..  will just carry on the waiting game.. however you have only until Mon midnight before mummy heads to the hospital for the induction to have you out on Tues as suggested by doctor.. =)

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